Is it Time to Go Digital?

Technology advancements have been one of the biggest developments in the fast lube industry over the last ten years. The access to high end technology is not just for the large operators anymore. Single store owners can now run their shop with a wealth of information at their fingertips via the web. Who would have thought that ten years ago, a single shop owner could pull up what was in his bay while on vacation in another state or country? The large operators are also enjoying the advancements with reduced hardware costs as well as greater connectivity within multiple locations.

Enjoy technological advancements with reduced hardware costs and greater connectivity.

The automotive maintenance industry should do well with customers driving their cars longer. We will see more car owners taking advantage of the online information and tools to help them maintain their vehicles. This means a more educated, savvy customer in the bay that wants their shop to be on the cutting edge.

There will also be continued growth in the marketing options for the lube owners. Those that take advantage of these refined marketing capabilities will see greater growth than those that do not. Technology has made today’s marketing more accurate and less expensive.

Technology has made today’s marketing more accurate and less expensive.

The lube operators/managers need to take advantage of these technological advancements so they can better service their customer and market their business. If you are still on a paper system, now is the time to consider a digital option.

PM Attendant has taken advantage of these technology advancements to allow the operators to run their business on any web enabled device from anywhere in the world. This is much more efficient and cost effective than the systems of the past. You can now provide your customer with what is recommended. We update our database live as well as provide tools to show your customer what they need. Owners can utilize internal marketing functions to help market the shop as well as being integrated with several independent marketing companies.

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