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PM Attendant's most asked questions about the quick lube software

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

                    No! With PM Attendant you can use any PC.

                    Yes! PM Attendant allows you to “park” multiple invoices.

                    Yes! You can export your daily sales and individual invoices into Quickbooks.

                    Most technicians can start inputting invoices after just a few hours of training. we work with the owners over a period of time to make sure they are

                    getting everything they want out of their system.

                    Yes! You can track charged invoices and run accounts receivable reports plus send monthly statements.

                    PM Attendant allows you to send email reminders or generate reminder cards from your own printer.

                    Yes! All your inventory is monitored; plus, the system will generate purchase orders based on the amount of usage.

                    Yes! You can print your static cling stickers throughout the invoice.

                    Yes! PM Attendant tracks the preventative maintenance of each vehicle and prints that information on each workorder.

                    PM Attendant has a one price and monthly fee for the quick lube program. With each quick lube system we include all quick lube modules and filter

                    databases. The Auto  Shop and Tire modules can be loaded on top of, or replace, the quick lube module.