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PM Attendant is a complete cloud-based management system for oil change shops.


At PM Attendant we have one mission: To provide a product that will help you make the most of your business, so your business runs better than you ever thought imaginable. We are the complete online quick lube management software. You determine the journey, let us help you enjoy the ride.


PM Attendant is an innovative online point-of-sale (POS) system that provides an affordable alternative to the quick lube industry. You receive the best of the best when you engage with PM Attendant. We will listen, talk, educate and find solutions every time we interact with you.


At PM Attendant, we have one goal: to meet and exceed your expectations and contribute to your success. We give you a powerful tool that is fast, efficient and meets all the needs within your business. Our goal is not to nickel and dime you, but to give you the power to make your business profitable.

You Have a Choice

How do you know if you have the best quick lube management system for your shop?

Gather Information

When you are shopping for a new system or considering replacing your current system, it's good to take some time and consider your business needs. Are you wanting a very simple product or do you want a robust system that will give you powerful reporting and insights into how your business runs?

Questions to ask

What are your business needs? How would you like to grow your business? What are your must have features? How usable does the system need to be for you and your employees? What modules are offered inside the management system? Are there any hidden fees? Will the software work across multiple platforms?


Every time a car pulls into your bay, the clock starts ticking for your customer. Both of you are considering how fast you can competently service their car. If your software is slowing you down, you will become frustrated and so will your customer. PM Attendant can help speed up the process with:


There are two options when choosing managemet software: cloud-based or "on-premise." For years on-premise was the traditional model, however, over time there has been a shift to cloud-based software. PM Attendant has been cloud-based for 20 years and we own our own servers. What you need to know:


Shops want an easy to use software management system. Training should be minimal for technicians. PM ATtendant can have shop employees working within minutes and proficient within a day.


Information is vital to your business. When you can access and rack products, vehicles and customers, your business runs more efficiently.


Reducing liability within your business is important. We give you tools to assist implementation of proedures to help you do just that.


Your bottom line is important when considering software. PM Attendant will not nickel and dime you. We want you to have the best POS management system at an affordable price.

Is PM Attendant the best software for you? Let us give you a demo to find out.

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Come see us in booth 201.

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