The Importance of PPE in the Quick Lube | QLE Podcast

Ed Sorrell, QLE team member and Director of Risk Management for Fast Change Lube & Oil, joins host M. Kevin Davis as they discuss basic PPE (personal protective equipment) for quick lubes. PPE is worn to minimize exposure to potential hazards that cause serious workplace injuries or illnesses. Bump caps, safety glasses, forearm guards and slip-resistant boots, make up the basic PPE that all team members should use consistently.

  • A bump cap can protect technicians from bumps, scrapes or cuts that can be caused by bumping or walking into an object while performing lower bay duties.
  • Safety glasses are used when performing tasks that have the potential to damage your eyes. Eye injuries can be vastly decreased or avoided by the practice of wearing safety glasses.
  • A forearm guard fits around the elbow, part of the arm, and hand to protect against abrasive materials, sharp objects, hot exhaust or engine parts.
  • Slipping, tripping and falling are one of the main causes of accidents in a quick lube. One of the ways to prevent falling and causing injury is by wearing slip and oil resistant boots.

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