Monthly Archives: December 2020

Presenting Services with the Right Mindset | QLE Podcast

Dave Everett, Vice President of Business Development with Service Champ, joins host M. Kevin Davis to discuss the importance of how having the right mindset is key to presenting your services. Find out more about how Quick Lube Expert will … Read More

Employee Care Beyond the Paycheck | QLE Podcast

Want to improve employee engagement and enhance the overall well-being of team members? John Mileson, Executive Director of Expansion, with Marketplace Chaplains joins this episode with host M. Kevin Davis to discuss the importance of employee care that goes beyond … Read More

How the Industry Magazine Can Benefit You | QLE Podcast

National Oil and Lube News is one of our industry’s greatest resources to help owners and operators be successful. On this week’s episode, M. Kevin Davis speaks with NOLN’s Associate Editor, Matt Hudson, as they discuss the industry’s magazine and … Read More