Monthly Archives: March 2021

Make Remembering Passwords a Thing of the Past | Skyline IT Management

Using weak passwords is risky. So is using the same password across different services. If you do this, it means that once somebody has your email address and password, they’ll find it incredibly easy to access your other accounts. This … Read More

Beyond the Limit: Success by Overcoming Failures | QLE Podcast

This week, M. Kevin Davis and Tyler Williams, country music singer, motivational speaker, and racer, discuss pushing yourself to do what others say is impossible and overcoming your failures in order to achieve success. Find out more about how Quick … Read More

Yes, Good Security Can be a Pain, But It’s Worth It | Skyline IT Management

No matter the size of your organization, there are pain points associated with properly securing your IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, there are bad actors that make security necessary. As if it isn’t difficult enough to keep up with passwords, those are … Read More

What You Should Expect from your Vendors | QLE Podcast

This week, M. Kevin Davis and Lee Elder, Director of International Sales and Distribution for Phillips 66, discuss what to look for when determining which supplier or vendor is best for you and the kind of relationship you should have … Read More

Words Matter: The Value of Effective Communication | QLE Podcast

This week, M. Kevin Davis speaks to Ric Savage, National Sales Trainer for Solid Start True Brand, about the importance of communicating effectively with your customers, educating them on the products and services you offer, and how those services will … Read More

Oil Changers Acquired by PE Firm

This article was originally printed in National Oil & Lube News on March 9, 2021. Oil Changers, one of the largest independent quick lube chains in America, was acquired by Greenbriar Equity Group as its latest platform investment, the companies … Read More

How do you Measure Customer Satisfaction? | QLE Podcast

This week, M. Kevin Davis speaks to Tim Hawker, President of IO Data Corporation, about how measuring your customer satisfaction will help you make better business decisions and improve your customer experience. Tim Hawker gives us his Top 10 best … Read More