Monthly Archives: October 2021

Are Paper Catalogs a Thing of the Past? | QLE Podcast

This week, M. Kevin Davis invites Jay Wright, Founder and President of Vertical Development, Inc., to discuss why quick lubes need the most up-to-date information possible and how an online database can reflect updates and changes to existing applications, as well … Read More

Customer Service Is Different Than What It Used to Be | QLE Podcast

This week, M. Kevin Davis invites Customer Experience speaker and consultant David Avrin to the QLE Podcast. They discuss how customer expectations have changed over time, so our approaches and methods to providing the best customer service possible must as well. … Read More

Exceptional Customer Service is Key to Positive Customer Perception | QLE Podcast

This week, M. Kevin Davis meets with Nancy Friedman, Founder and President of Telephone Doctor, Inc., to discuss what effect exceptional customer service has on the experience your customers have when they are in your shop and some tips you … Read More

Is Your Marketing Strategy Firing on All Four Cylinders? | QLE Podcast

This week, M. Kevin Davis invites Jody DeVere, CEO of AskPatty.com, Inc., to discuss what is means to be “female This week, M. Kevin Davis invites Jacob Salem, Founder and CEO of EZMetrics, to discuss the four cylinders of marketing and … Read More

The FBI has Outlined Risk to Your Business |Skyline IT

You know that if your business becomes the victim of cyber-crime, you should report it to the FBI or your countries equivalent. and lots of businesses have been doing just that. Last year, the FBI received 791,790 complaints of internet … Read More