Monthly Archives: November 2020

Attitude of Gratitude | QLE Podcast

This week, Quick Lube Expert takes a break from their normal episodes and share one of M. Kevin Davis’ previously recorded Midweek Motivation messages – Attitude of Gratitude = Happiness. Find out more about how Quick Lube Expert will help … Read More

Foundational Elements of a Successful Marketing Campaign | QLE Podcast

This week, Jeff Tremper from Throttle CRM joins M. Kevin Davis on the QLE podcast to talk about the foundational elements of a successful marketing campaign. Building a successful marketing campaign starts with the experience that the customers have and … Read More

The Importance of PPE in the Quick Lube | QLE Podcast

Ed Sorrell, QLE team member and Director of Risk Management for Fast Change Lube & Oil, joins host M. Kevin Davis as they discuss basic PPE (personal protective equipment) for quick lubes. PPE is worn to minimize exposure to potential … Read More

Building an Intentional Culture | QLE Podcast

You have a culture whether it’s intentional or not. Does the culture in your quick lube reflect the personality that you want it to reflect? Join international speaker, trainer and coach M. Kevin Davis on this episode of the Quick … Read More