Monthly Archives: February 2021

What is the Cloud? | Skyline IT Management

You may have come across people talking about ‘cloud’ storage and software that runs in ‘the cloud’. But what exactly is ‘the cloud’, and why should you care about it? A place for networking The cloud is a bunch of … Read More

In with the Old Marketing

This story was originally published in National Oil and Lube News, February 17, 2021, Author: Matt Hudson Do you run a cutting-edge, tech-savvy operation that utilizes strategic social media, digital marketing and curated customer data? That’s great! You’re prepping your operation … Read More

Attracting High Quality Team Members | QLE Podcast

This week, M. Kevin Davis speaks to Claudia St. John, President of Affinity HR Group, about attracting high-quality team members for your quick lube operation. Learn how the development of a desirable company culture, great job descriptions, and promoted/up-to-date job … Read More

Properly Educating Your Employees on Your Services | QLE Podcast

This week, M. Kevin Davis speaks to Amber Kossak, CEO of Solid Start True Brand, about properly educating all of your employees on all of the products and services you offer. It’s important that all your employees understand what each … Read More