Oil Changers Acquired by PE Firm

This article was originally printed in National Oil & Lube News on March 9, 2021. Oil Changers, one of the largest independent quick lube chains in America, was acquired by Greenbriar Equity Group as its latest platform investment, the companies … Read More

In with the Old Marketing

This story was originally published in National Oil and Lube News, February 17, 2021, Author: Matt Hudson Do you run a cutting-edge, tech-savvy operation that utilizes strategic social media, digital marketing and curated customer data? That’s great! You’re prepping your operation … Read More

How the Industry Magazine Can Benefit You | QLE Podcast

National Oil and Lube News is one of our industry’s greatest resources to help owners and operators be successful. On this week’s episode, M. Kevin Davis speaks with NOLN’s Associate Editor, Matt Hudson, as they discuss the industry’s magazine and … Read More

Shop Look | Texoma Pit Stop of Madill, Oklahoma

This story was originally published in National Oil and Lube News, April 1, 2020, Author: Matt Hudson. SHOP STATS: Texoma Pit Stop   Location: Madill, Okla.  Operator: Story family  Staff Size: 5  Shop Size: 2 bays and car wash  Coming to Madill With the original shop … Read More

How I Did It: Promoting Your Business Throughout COVID-19

This story was originally published in National Oil and Lube News, March 26, 2020. With the coronavirus pandemic underway, many shop owners are wondering how to keep business afloat. While some of us have the luxury of working from home … Read More

What Exactly are you Servicing?

Customers are ultimately the most important aspect of our entire service model. And as such, it is vitally important we communicate to the customer exactly what needs to be done to their vehicle, why it needs to be done and, after the service, that it was actually done efficiently and effectively. … Read More